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INNI: Impact of self-​care groups

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Photography: Henk Braam /​Jan Joseph Stok

In India, Nepal and Indonesia we carried out research on the effectiveness of self-​care groups in reducing stigma and increasing the care of wounds. We also carried out a comparison of people who were members and those who were not members of such groups. We followed the participants for 2 years. In Indonesia and Nepal, members’ wounds healed more quickly than those of non-​members, but there was no difference in India. In Nepal, group members’ own self-​concept improved compared to that of non-​members, but that was less in Indonesia and India.

The conclusion is that the self-​care groups are a good strategy but there are possibly other ways to achieve self-​care, such as just providing regular information to people on how they can take care of wounds and deformities themselves.

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