Leprosy doctor examines patient
Antibiotic treatment pills against leprosy
Close contact of persons affected by leprosy

More than 100 people worldwide, working as one

NLR is a Non-Governmental Organisation that works towards a world free of leprosy and exclusion due to disabilities. Our organisation is home to more than 100 highly dedicated staff that jointly fight leprosy in the five countries where the impact of leprosy is felt hardest.

What we have achieved last year


People received a single dose of rifampicin


People were trained on Leprosy


Self-care groups were supported


Disabled people Organisations (DPOs) received assistance


People were provided with assistive devices


New leprosy cases diagnosed and treated


Children received financial support for education


Received financial support for education

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The history of NLR

Our founders Mr Dick Leiker and Mrs Ciska Anten founded Netherlands Leprosy Relief on 30 March 1967. Ever since that day, we have been working towards a world free of leprosy and social exclusion due to disabilities. Learn what inspired our founders back then, and what inspires us today.

Founders of NLR
Ciska Anten and Dick Leiker, the founders of NLR

Our international partnerships

Collaboration is vital to keep the fight against leprosy high on the agenda. That’s why we work closely with other organisations and team up in international networks. Find out how our partnerships add up to a single vision: a world free of leprosy and social exclusion due to disabilities.