Children living in a leprosy colony in India

In light of our vision and mission, this is our strategy:

We collaborate with governments, non-governmental organisations, research institutions, and Disabled People’s Organisations to promote access to healthcare and quality of services.

Working with these organisations, we strengthen capacity by providing training, offering expert advice, and conducting research. In everything we do, we champion innovative ways forward.

We combat neglected tropical diseases and their consequences by contributing to poverty reduction, promotion of human rights, and social inclusion of persons affected by leprosy and those with disabilities.

As such, our policies and programmes follow the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In our fight against leprosy, our work integrates with the work done to eradicate other neglected tropical diseases and efforts made to alleviate disability.

We lobby to keep leprosy and disability inclusion on policy agendas at all levels.

We facilitate rehabilitation services, we pursue the reduction of stigma, and we promote self-care and empowerment.