Leprosy doctor and staff in Mozambique at work
Leprosy medical staff checks Riduan from Indonesia on symptoms of leprosy

A middle-sized organisation with a global presence

Since NLR was founded in 1967, the organisation has grown into an efficient, middle-sized NGO supported by 45,660 donors and 350 volunteers. We have six offices: an International Office in the Netherlands, and five professional Country Offices in Mozambique, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Brazil.

Liesbeth Miedras and leprosy doctor from NLR checking a person affected by leprosy in Nepal

International Office and Country Offices

At our International Office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, our staff is comprised of 35 employees, who work across four departments: Programmes, Medical Technical, Fundraising and Communication, and Finance. The supervision and execution of our fieldwork are delegated to our Country Offices in Mozambique, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Brazil. In total, together these offices hold 121 employees.

Five plus one independent, local NGOs

We are currently in the process of transforming our Country Offices and International Office in the Netherlands into an alliance of five plus one interdependent, local NGOs. Each organisation within the alliance is well-connected with national governments, networks, and organisations of persons affected by leprosy and persons with disabilities