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InfoNTD is launched

25 May 2016

InfoNTD​.org, the one-​stop source of information on cross-​cutting issues in Neglected Tropical Diseases.


InfoNTD disability-​related work can be distinguished in:

  • information on cross-​cutting issues such as wound-​management, disability, mapping, WASH and stigma
  • a database with publications and training materials dedicated to cross-​cutting issues and NTDs
  • document delivery and assistance with literature searches
  • a monthly e-​newsletter with an overview of recent publications. Click here to subscribe and see the preview below

InfoNTD is offered as a service under the umbrella of the NTD NGDO Network (NNN) and is supported by NLR, Sightsavers, WaterAid, FairMed, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), CBM International, American Leprosy Missions (ALM), Aussätzigen Hilfswerk Österreich (ALRA) and The Leprosy Mission International (TLMI).

“There is an urgent need to disseminate timely and up-​to-​date information on NTDs, the most common afflictions of the world’s poor, I congratulate the NTD NGDO Network for their efforts in launching InfoNTD.”

Prof. Peter J. Hotez — Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute and Texas Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair of Tropical Pediatrics

“I am delighted to welcome InfoNTD to the growing number of resources available to those committed to emphasizing and promoting the broad developmental benefits of NTD control.

The NTD NGDO Network (NNN) is a major driver in recognizing the impact that NTDs have crossing social, political and economic boundaries that impair the livelihood of the poorest. The importance of NTDs as a health burden has been focused on the physical wellbeing and the disease burden averted. However, it has failed to recognize the importance of mental health in particular and the subtle morbidities associated with these diseases that are difficult to measure but have a major impact on poverty.

The availability of InfoNTD will further emphasize and focus on the broader developmental issues associated with NTDs as reflected, not only in their inclusion in the health targets of the SDGs, but also the relationships between NTDs and their control with the other SDG goals.”

Prof. David H. Molyneux — Senior Professional Fellow, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine NTDs

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