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Involvement of NLR in large scale Leprosy Case Detection Campaign (LCDC)-in India

16 August 2016

NLR in India plays a key role in advocating early case detection and promoting intensive case detection towards the government. In 2016 the central leprosy division (CLD) of the government of India has launched a special “Leprosy Case Detection Campaign” in the country. NLR is actively involved and impressive results are achieved so far.

The detection campaign has so far taken place in 50 high endemic districts of 7 states including 29 districts in three states where NLR is working (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand). During the detection campaign no less than 2913 new cases were confirmed in these three states.

NLR is actively involved in the campaign both at National and State level. At national level NLR has supported the central leprosy division (CLD) in o.a. planning and monitoring of the campaign, development of guidelines, and participation in the national coordination committee. At state level, NLRs Leprosy Program Advisors were actively supporting the state/​districts teams of the government in planning and are facilitating trainings for health staff involved in the campaign. During the search period, they supervised the search teams and were involved with confirmation and validation of suspected leprosy cases.

Another large scale detection campaign will take place in September 2016, in which NLR will also be intensely involved.

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